Royal Flushh Founder

Donna Burke is an actress, singer, writer and entrepreneur known for video games Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill 2 and 3, 

and for being the English announcer on the Tokyo to Osaka Shinkansen bullet train.

Yep, that’s still what she’s most famous for.

Donna is loved by anime and game fans worldwide, performing her iconic songs with symphony orchestras in Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, New York and LA with  Metal Gear in Concert. 

Donna thinks the world is now ready for a beloved Japanese product that's been around since before she arrived in Tokyo in 1996.

Donna also exports Japanese made  Hotteeze Heat Pads world wide.

Donna has never EVER felt a personal need for Royal Flushh. 

She has never had a noisy wee, splashy poo or an unfortunate case of wind or gastro.

She has never come out of a toilet red faced and avoided eye contact nor flushed a toilet repeatedly to cover her sounds in the loo.

She has no reason to, nor has she nor will she ever feel the least amount of embarrassment whilst in a toilet.

Especially those unisex ones with the joint hand sinks.

Got it? 

Royal Flushh is just something she wants for other people. 

Okay so I think we're all clear here that she is perfect.


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