If your goal this Mother's Day is to avoid claiming the coveted title of "Mum's Favourite," we've got the perfect solution for you – give a gift that screams, "I love you, but let's keep some boundaries, shall we?"

Is your mum the type whoFaceTimes you while she's on the loo or that one unforgettable moment when she left the bathroom door wide open? Fear not, because we've found a gadget that not only makes for a ripper Mother's Day gift but also sends a crystal-clear message about  your personal space.

Introducing the Royal Flushh – the Japanese Toilet Masking Device that every Japanese loo boasts. It's not just a gadget; it's a message wrapped in a Mother's Day gift.

As Mum activates the Royal Flushh, creating a symphony of soundproofing magic, she'll get the message – "Nope, Mum, I'm not comfortable chatting with your in the toilet, and the open-door policy is a hard no!"

This Mother's Day, give the gift of laughter, boundaries, and a touch of Japanese ingenuity. Because being the favourite child is overrated, and setting healthy boundaries is, well, priceless.

Get ready for a Mother's Day that's as hilarious as it is boundary-setting – you might not be the favourite, but you'll definitely be the funniest!

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