Office Oasis: Why Every Toilet Needs the Royal Flushh ASAP!

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Well isn't this awkward!- -the unspoken issue in every workplace – the unexpected bathroom symphony that disrupts the peace. Fret not,...

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How Not to Be the Favourite Child This Mother's Day: Your Guide to Setting Boundaries

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If your goal this Mother's Day is to avoid claiming the coveted title of "Mum's Favourite," we've got the perfect...

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Grandma's New Throne: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift That Will Leave the Whole Family Blushing!

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Hello, savvy gift-givers! With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to think outside the box and inside the...

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Marriage saving Bathroom Privacy gadget!

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So on to google search she goes, popping in all sorts of keywords to try and find a Royal Flushh... but nothing seemed to lead her to my website.
"How to soundproof your toilet", " eco-melody japan", "toilet noise privacy" and "best privacy bathroom noise gadget". Nothing!
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Nothing says Valentine's Day more than this gadget!

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Nothing says "I love you" than giving your partner a Toilet Masking Device like Royal Flushh.
The excitement and love they will feel when they tell their friends, "Guess what I got?"
Hopefully no one WILL guess - no one likes a correct guesser. 
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