What a privilege to witness how a recent traveller to Japan discovered the delights of a bathroom privacy gadget but on returning back home, sadly realized, as her husband was using the bathroom, what a passion killer hearing a loved one's business up close was.

So on to google search she fearlessly goes, popping in all sorts of keywords to try and find a Royal Flushh... but nothing seemed to lead her to my website.
"How to soundproof your toilet", " eco-melody japan", "toilet noise privacy" and "best privacy bathroom noise gadget". Nothing!

Side snicker LOL "How to soundproof your toilet" - was the lame suggestion to turn on a fan...

Second night of furious googling, spurred on no doubt by the rather unromantic soundtrack of hubby in the loo.

Bingo! Japan Toilet Sound and Royal Flushh pops up to save the day!

Here is me and this canny customer meeting in a carpark in Perth to hand over the product. She texted me later, chortling, "An early Valentine's pressie for hubby". Who says romance is dead?

I'm so thrilled to be helping people who have had to listen to each other in the most private of places get a break from this.

Next up? I'm thinking Nobel Peace Prize... (there's a toilet joke in there...!)

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